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Roger Kasendorf DO is among the most well-respected physicians in the greater San Diego area. He has dedicated his life to helping people of all backgrounds, and he always puts the needs of his patients first. He has worked hard to expand the variety of services he offers, and he always goes out of his way to ensure that his patients have precisely what they need. Now, he serves as a shining example to others, continuing to advocate for his patients while assisting the next generation of doctors.

Growing up, Dr. Kasendorf was interested in a wide variety of areas and wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do. The only thing that he was sure of was that he wanted to help as many people as possible. In school, he took a great interest in science, but he was mainly interested in the application of science. He knew that he could use science to help people, so he decided to pursue a career as an osteopathic physician.

After finishing high school, he went on to the University of Maryland. There, he earned his bachelor's degree, taking classes in different areas to ensure a well-rounded educational foundation. From there, he went to the New York Institute of Technology, pursuing a degree in Osteopathic Medicine. He graduated with his DO degree in 2003 and decided to pursue a career as a physiatrist.

He completed his residency and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR), focusing on pain medicine. Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a doctor today, and Roger Kasendorf, DO believes it is critically important for people to develop a well-rounded treatment strategy that can address their issues in all areas. In residency, he focused on learning about numerous chronic pain treatment options, knowing that every patient has a different reason for experiencing discomfort.

After finishing his training, he received his board certification from the American Osteopathic Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

As a doctor, even though he works hard to diagnose patients accurately, he believes it is just as important to focus on functionality. So, instead of applying a label to patients, he targets areas of their lives that need to be improved. For example, some people may struggle walking up and down the stairs. Other people may have a difficult time using the computer. There are even some people who have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. When working with patients, he works hard to identify how different body parts work together, including tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, bones, nerves, and the brain. Then, he devises a treatment strategy to address all of these areas. His goal is to make functional improvements that minimize complications and side effects while addressing the root cause of the discomfort. This could include a disabling condition, disease, or injury.

There are numerous treatment options that Dr. Kasendorf may include in a treatment plan. For example, he frequently uses osteopathic manipulation to ensure the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are correctly aligned. He also uses trigger point injections and joint injections to identify areas of pain or inflammation. These injections can be used to reduce inflammation and improve discomfort. In addition, he will frequently use facet injections to target back pain and inflamed nerves. He has also been trained to use botox for migraines, muscle spasticity, and lumbar spinal injections for lower back pain. By providing patients with access to a well-rounded treatment strategy, he puts each patient in a position to make a recovery.

In addition, Dr. Kasendorf understands that medicine is a team sport. That is why he has worked hard to expand its network, frequently partnering with occupational therapists, physical therapists, and even other physicians to ensure patients have access to the resources they need. Coordinating care is critically important, and every one specializes in a different area. He understands that his skills may readily complement the skills of other treatment specialists who can advocate for the needs of patients. He works hard to keep everyone abreast of changes that may take place in the treatment plan, as communication is essential for making sure patients have access to the care they need.

When he isn't working hard to care for his patients, he works hard to give back to the next generation of physicians. That is why he regularly speaks at various conferences, including the American Osteopathic Association conference, National AOA conventions, and the Western States Osteopathic Medical Society Annual Assembly. As a result, everyone can benefit by sharing his knowledge with those who want to learn more about Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Pain Management. Dr. Kasendorf was even listed as the top osteopathic physician in California in September 2020 and was awarded the Top Doctor in La Jolla in January 2020.

While Dr. Kasendorf has dedicated his life to helping patients of all backgrounds, he also believes it is essential to maintain a solid work-life balance. He believes that by taking a break, de-stressing, and focusing on other areas, he puts his mind in the best position possible to advocate for his patients when he returns to work. He works hard to maintain quality relationships with those closest to him, including his family and friends. He also likes to spend time outside, getting in touch with nature. He enjoys mentoring young students and doctors interested in pursuing medicine, and he sets a shining example for the next generation of physicians.


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