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Roger Kasendorf DO is among the most well-respected physicians in the greater San Diego area. He has dedicated his life to helping people of all backgrounds, and he always puts the needs of his patients first. He has worked hard to expand the variety of services he offers, and he always goes out of his way to ensure that his patients have precisely what they need. Now, he serves as a shining example to others, continuing to advocate for his patients while assisting the next generation of doctors.

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Addiction Management: A Holistic Approach to Recovery-Understanding Electrodiagnostic Evaluation (EMG) for Neurological Disorders
February 7, 2024

Understanding Electrodiagnostic Evaluation (EMG) for Neurological Disorders

Electrodiagnostic Evaluation (EMG) is a crucial diagnostic tool employed by healthcare professionals to assess the function of muscles and the nerves controlling them. This procedure aids in the diagnosis of various neurological disorders and helps guide treatment plans for patients. Let’s delve into the intricacies of EMG, its uses, procedure, and significance in clinical practice. […]

January 11, 2024

The Art and Science of Osteopathic Manipulation

In the world of healthcare, there are numerous approaches to treating ailments and promoting overall wellness. While many people are familiar with conventional medicine and its various branches, such as allopathy, osteopathic medicine is a lesser-known but highly effective approach that deserves attention. At the heart of osteopathic medicine lies a unique and hands-on technique […]

Pain Medicine Management-roger-kasendorf-do
December 15, 2023

Navigating the Maze: A Comprehensive Guide to Pain Medicine Management

Pain, an intricate and subjective experience, is a universal human condition. Effective pain management is a science and an art in modern medicine. This article delves into the multifaceted landscape of pain medicine management. It explores the principles, strategies, and innovations guiding healthcare professionals in their quest to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of […]

Electrodiagnostic Evaluation
November 9, 2023

Reimagining Resilience: A Wholistic Odyssey in Addiction Management

Embarking on the journey of addiction management is not a linear path; it’s a multidimensional odyssey that requires a holistic perspective. This exploration delves into unconventional yet effective approaches that redefine resilience, weaving together elements of psychology, alternative therapies, and community engagement to create a tapestry of recovery beyond traditional boundaries. Psychospiritual Integration At the […]

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